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Hi Ron & Debbie,

I just wanted to say hello and to let you know how Dakota is doing.  She has adapted very well to Lexi (my older dog) and of course our family.  We are having so much fun with her - She has so much personality and is really friendly & she loves to snuggle with the snuggle with the kids..  its great!   She follows Lexi around like a baby duck would..  so I think this has helped Dakota learn some rules, not all: but the first one we have almost mastered is no potty in the house.   She has done a fantastic job!     Well, I have attached some pictures to show that she is doing very well... 

Take Care & God Bless

Hi Ron, Sorry it has taken so long.  I've tried this once but I think i wrote you're email wrong.  Anyway Cleopatra is an awesome dog, super smart sometimes too smart!!  Her & Brutus(the fawn) love to play tether ball, I am gonna have to send it in to Americas funniest home videos, it's great to watch!!  We put one up for them, people ask us who plays tether ball?   She tries to rule roost around here, she definitely can hold her own!!  I don't think you could separate her from the other two.  Anyway we are enjoying her very much!  Thanks for checking in.  Christy


Ron, Here are some recent pictures of Rocky...He is a beautiful dog and we love him. He is so spoiled! He is very smart and has learned to open doors. He loves to be outside! Let us know that you did get this photo show. You should be able to copy and paste some pictures to put on your website. Have a great day! Debbie


Hey Ron,
I just want to give you an update of how Titan is doing in his new home.  He's getting big and eats like a horse. I really think he is going to be a big boy. He loves Lexie and she cant get enough of him. They have become best friends since the first day we brought him home.  I am taking him to our vet on Monday to get shots and have them give him a routine check-up.   The past few days he has been doing better and has sat by the door twice to go out.  We just love him and he is a great addition to our family.  I have attached a few pictures of him and Lexi.
Thanks again,

         Hi Ron!  Just wanted to let you know that we're
are---SO THANKFULLY--past all the issues and living in
joyful puppy Dom!!  Genny is doing fantastic. 
She's absolutely gorgeous, and even sweeter than our
beloved Kenya was--which is saying quite a bit.  She's
a "mommy's girl," even though daddy tries to claim
her.  ehehhehe  I would think she is just as you
said---just like Maggie. Attached are some pics for
She now weighs about 25-27 lbs.  She's playful, but
never a "rascal" like Juneau was.  She's never been in
trouble except once---and when you see the pics,
you'll see that she probably wasn't even the "force"
behind it!  (ahem)  The "evidence" is written all over
the culprits face!
Anyway, I just wanted you to see that although she had
a rough start, she really is in good caring hands that
completely ADORE her--and she's healthy and happy! 

Thought you might like to see Harley and how much he has grown.  He is just over 30 lbs now and about 4 1/2 months old.  He is very smart and picks up new tricks easily.  I started him in a 6 wk long puppy kindergarten class and he is by far the smartest dog there!  He has also been socializing very well with other dogs (I bring him to daycare when I have to work so he is never home alone...and they always give me a glowing report when I pick him up).  I'll continue to send you pics as he gets older...
Hope all is well in Texas.


I hope this finds you doing well.  Attached you will find some pictures of Chloe.  She has made quite a wonderful addition to our family as she is the perfect dog!  I added one photo of Chloe with my son's dog Jeter.  Feel free to add the to your web site.  We will continue to send updates if you would like.


I cant lie I was a little worried about introducing bandit to Gidget(our 4 year old boxer). I was nervous how she would react, it turned out great! Look at the pics I took last night. Thanks again for the great pup. Keep in touch. Thanks Brad


Wilber shares the center of attention w/ my daughters Yorkie. First 
off he is such a character. He often sleeps upside! Yes with his paws 
up in the air, we say he is praising the Lord! His temperament is 
great! He plays well with other dog's, of course he is great with 
kids. He is very vocal! He is so much fun. When I come home I have to 
sit down and say Hi. If I don't he follows me and whines and wow's 
till I say Hi. He runs about three miles two to three times a week. He 
play's gently with our Yorkie. Next to her he is truly a gentile 
giant.  He hasn't been through much obedience training but with his 
(wanting to please us) temperament he doesn't really need it for our 
needs. He has been a huge blessing to out family! Thank you so much 
for trusting to care for him.


Dear Ron & Deb

   Well I can't believe she's 6 months old already. Enclosed I have included some pictures on a disc for you enjoy. Texas Girl is doing great. Still such the cuddle bug, oh and she loves to play with our son. Its so cute to see. She also really brings out the "puppy" in our other dogs too.  Keno (Rottweiler) will be 10 years old next month plays with Texas Girl now and then but of course Dallas (Boxer) who will be 9 in July is her best playmate, they go for hours.  I have to tell you that Texas Girl gets such compliments, everyone says how she has the best colors and is just incredible. Of course I agree.  Their favorite place to lay down is of course as close to the wood burning stove as possible still we figured because she likes the heat so much she wouldn't like the snow because when its really cold she doesn't stay out long, Boy were we wrong. She absolutely loves to run in the snow and chase the snowballs which is great for Dallas because now she has a playmate in the snow. Of course she has the doggie toys to play with and in the pictures you will see her favorite one. Next time it snows I will make sure I have film to take some pic's for you.  I can't tell you enough how pleased we are with her and how great full we are that she had such a loving home before she came to us.  We thank you both very much for all the love you give your pups as we watch her grow it shows more and more how incredible wonderful your family is. Thank you again!

   Take care

     Love Joe, Stacy, Jake, Keno, Dallas and Texas Girl


        Dear Ron thank you for letting us get money she is the best dog ever. She is so smart. At 3 months she weighs 27 pounds. We live in an apartment and couldn't be happier she minds so good. In short thanks a lot we are proud to have such a great addition to our family!!!!

                                                                      Thanks Scotty



Ron,WOW! thanks once again for your thoughtfulness, it sure is hard to find these day's.I sent you a few more pictures of my past buddies and it looks to me like we have a lot in common! I can't wait! My family and I will try to be patient and wait for your call.I hope you do not mind If I check in with you from time to time to see how the little rascal's are doing.       
God Bless,
The Harris Family.


Hi Ron,
 First of all, Reggie is FANTASTIC. He is the most mellow dog, yet when he plays with our other boxer, he tries to get all tough.  He is so sweet, and he really loves our kids. Its just amazing to see that a puppy so young already has the instinct to be so good with kids.  He's doing great on potty training and such. To date, we've only had two accidents in the house, which could be a new Wilson-puppy record.  He's eating well, and really gets some serious play time all day with our other Boxer, Daisy.  Its really nice having her tired out from all the playing! Takes a load of my plate! :-) Please let the Cave's know how much we love him, and forward our email to them as well.  We can't thank you guys enough!!!
                 The Wilsons

Hi Ron & Debbie,

I just wanted to give you both an update on Dakota Lynn... (she has now acquired a middle name) but she is doing terrific!  She brings so much joy and happiness to our family.  Dakota has so much character and is so full of love that even a non-dog lover falls in love with her!  She is extremely intelligent.. she has been taught to open and close doors at our house.. and now we can't keep out of any room - including our guest bathrooms!  We do warn people to lock the doors behind them or they will get a surprise Dakota visit!  =)  

We take Dakota all over the States and people will stop us just to ask us if she is a boxer... it's really funny.  Most people, who do stop us, are familiar with boxers but have never seen a black boxer.  We get a lot of compliments on her - She is a gorgeous dog!    The people at Disney World in Florida absolutely adored her... we have taken her there two years in a row and she loves it just as much as we did...  She got to ride the tram with us & play with Mickey Mouse and all his friends at the Kennel Club!!   She is a great conversation starter...  So we love to tell them where we got her and your website...

I hope you enjoy the attached pictures!

Take Care & God Bless

Dwayne, Barbie, Andrew & Dakota Lynn

       Hey Ron-

I wanted to send you a picture and an update on Bodhi at 6 months old. I
have been raising Boxers as pets for over 20 years and I can honestly
say this is the best puppy I have ever had. He is very very smart, easy
to train, great with the kids, loyal and lovable. Thank you for such a
first class Champion Breed, Bodhi is doing great and very happy with his
new family. I will keep you updated with pictures as he grows. Thanks

Steve, Amy and kids


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